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Pugs Don't Wear Pyjamas


Pugs Don't Wear Pyjamas

ISBN: 9781912076963


"Pugs Don't Wear Pyjamas" is a delightful children's book that follows the whimsical adventures of a pug named Percy. Authored with humor and heart, this story takes readers on a journey filled with unexpected twists and turns as Percy discovers that being true to oneself is the greatest adventure of all.


  • Percy: A lovable pug with a penchant for adventure and a unique sense of style.
  • Mr. Snuffles: Percy's faithful companion and fellow explorer, always by his side on their daring escapades.
  • Mrs. Priscilla: The elegant and sophisticated pug who lives next door, serving as both a friend and a rival to Percy.
  • Captain Barkington: The fearless leader of the Pug Scouts, inspiring Percy and his friends to embrace their true selves.

Why is this book popular?

"Pugs Don't Wear Pyjamas" has captured the hearts of readers with its charming storyline and endearing characters. The book's quirky humor and relatable themes of self-discovery and acceptance resonate with children and adults alike, making it a beloved choice for bedtime reading and storytelling.


Filled with whimsical illustrations and charming details, "Pugs Don't Wear Pyjamas" brings Percy's world to life on every page. From the bustling streets of the neighborhood to the colorful costumes worn by the pugs, the artwork adds depth and personality to the story, captivating readers of all ages.

Book type:

"Pugs Don't Wear Pyjamas" is a children's picture book that combines storytelling with visual artistry to create a magical reading experience. It is suitable for readers ages 4 and up who enjoy tales of friendship, adventure, and embracing individuality.

How this book sparks imagination and creativity:

"Pugs Don't Wear Pyjamas" encourages children to embrace their unique qualities and celebrate their differences. Through Percy's adventures, readers learn valuable lessons about self-confidence, friendship, and the importance of being true to oneself. The book inspires creativity and imagination, inviting children to envision their own exciting journeys.

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About the author:

The author of "Pugs Don't Wear Pyjamas" is a talented storyteller with a love for animals and a knack for capturing the essence of childhood imagination. With a background in children's literature, the author brings humor, heart, and a touch of magic to every story.


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