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Short Stories From Panchatantra - Collection of Ten Books: Abridged Illustrated Stories For Children (With Morals)


Short Stories From Panchatantra - Collection of Ten Books: Abridged Illustrated Stories For Children (With Morals)

ISBN: 9789389931495


"Short Stories From Panchatantra" is a timeless collection of tales from the ancient Indian literary tradition of the same name. This abridged and illustrated version presents ten captivating stories, each accompanied by moral lessons that impart wisdom and guidance to young readers. Through the adventures of animals, birds, and humans, these stories teach valuable life lessons in a captivating and entertaining manner.

Why is this book popular?

"Short Stories From Panchatantra" has remained popular across generations for its enduring wisdom and universal appeal. The timeless tales, filled with colorful characters and vivid imagery, continue to captivate readers of all ages. The inclusion of morals at the end of each story adds depth and relevance, making this collection a cherished resource for families, educators, and storytellers.


The illustrations in "Short Stories From Panchatantra" complement the richness of the storytelling, bringing the characters and settings to life with vibrant colors and intricate details. Each illustration captures the essence of the stories, enhancing the reader's imagination and immersion into the world of Panchatantra.

Book type:

"Short Stories From Panchatantra" is a collection of abridged and illustrated stories suitable for children of all ages. It offers a valuable introduction to the moral teachings of the Panchatantra while providing entertaining and thought-provoking narratives.

How this book enriches children's learning:

"Short Stories From Panchatantra" serves as a valuable educational tool, offering children insights into moral values and life lessons through engaging storytelling. The stories stimulate critical thinking, empathy, and character development, fostering a deeper understanding of human behavior and relationships.

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About the author:

The stories in "Short Stories From Panchatantra" have been passed down through generations and attributed to Vishnu Sharma, an ancient Indian scholar and storyteller. The abridged version presented in this collection preserves the essence of his teachings while making them accessible to modern readers.


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