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The Frog Prince (Usborne Picture Books)


The Frog Prince (Usborne Picture Books)

ISBN: 9781409547020


"The Frog Prince," part of the Usborne Picture Books series, is a timeless fairy tale that enchants readers with its magical storytelling and captivating illustrations. Adapted by Rosie Dickins and illustrated by John Joven, this beloved story follows the adventures of a princess who befriends a frog with a surprising secret. Through acts of kindness and bravery, the princess discovers the true nature of friendship and the power of love, leading to a heartwarming and enchanting conclusion.

Why is this book popular?

"The Frog Prince" has captivated readers for generations with its enchanting tale of love, transformation, and redemption. The story's universal themes of kindness, friendship, and the search for true happiness resonate with readers of all ages, making it a beloved classic in the world of children's literature. The Usborne Picture Books series offers a fresh and engaging retelling of this timeless tale, complete with vibrant illustrations and accessible text that make it perfect for young readers.


John Joven's illustrations in "The Frog Prince" are whimsical, colorful, and filled with expressive characters. From the lush gardens of the palace to the enchanted pond where the frog resides, each illustration captures the magic and wonder of the fairy tale with rich detail and imagination. The characters are brought to life with warmth and personality, drawing readers into the story and immersing them in its enchanting world.

Book type:

"The Frog Prince" is a children's picture book that combines engaging storytelling with vibrant illustrations. It is suitable for readers ages 3 and up who enjoy fairy tales, magic, and adventure. With its accessible text and captivating artwork, it is perfect for reading aloud as a bedtime story or sharing with young readers who are beginning to explore the world of fairy tales.

How this book sparks imagination and curiosity:

"The Frog Prince" sparks imagination and curiosity by inviting readers into a world of magic and wonder. As they follow the princess on her journey of friendship and discovery, readers are transported to a fairy-tale realm where anything is possible. The book encourages imagination and empathy, inviting readers to imagine themselves in the shoes of the characters and to explore the themes of kindness, bravery, and the power of love.

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About the author:

Rosie Dickins is a talented author known for her engaging retellings of classic fairy tales and myths. With "The Frog Prince," Dickins brings to life the timeless story of love and transformation, inspiring readers to believe in the power of kindness and the magic of true love.


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