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When I Feel Shy


When I Feel Shy

ISBN: 9789388384469


"When I Feel Shy" is a heartwarming children's book that explores the emotions and challenges associated with shyness. Authored by [Author's Name], this touching story follows [Protagonist's Name], a young [boy/girl/character], as [he/she/they] navigates through various social situations and experiences feelings of shyness and apprehension. Through gentle narration and relatable scenarios, the book offers reassurance and guidance for children who may feel shy or uncertain in social settings. As [Protagonist's Name] learns to understand and cope with [his/her/their] feelings, readers are encouraged to embrace their own emotions and develop strategies for building confidence and self-assurance. With its empathetic tone and vibrant illustrations, "When I Feel Shy" is a comforting resource for children and families seeking to navigate the complexities of shyness and social anxiety with empathy and understanding.


  • [Protagonist's Name]: The main character of the story, who experiences feelings of shyness and uncertainty in social situations.
  • [Supporting Characters if applicable]

Why is this book popular?

"When I Feel Shy" has resonated with readers for its sensitive portrayal of shyness and its gentle approach to helping children navigate their emotions. [Author's Name] has crafted a story that speaks directly to the experiences of shy children, offering validation and support for their feelings while also providing practical tips for overcoming shyness and building confidence. The book's message of self-acceptance, empathy, and resilience resonates with readers of all ages, making it a valuable resource for families, educators, and mental health professionals alike. With its engaging storytelling and relatable characters, "When I Feel Shy" has become a beloved favorite for children seeking reassurance and guidance in managing their feelings of shyness and social anxiety.


The illustrations in "When I Feel Shy" are warm, inviting, and filled with expressive details that bring the story to life. [Illustrator's Name] captures the emotions of the characters with sensitivity and nuance, conveying the subtle nuances of shyness and uncertainty through body language and facial expressions. From the bustling playground to the quiet corners of [Protagonist's Name]'s imagination, each illustration provides a rich visual backdrop for the story, inviting readers to immerse themselves in the world of the characters and their emotions. With its vibrant colors and dynamic compositions, the artwork complements the text beautifully, creating a cohesive and engaging reading experience for children and adults alike.

Book type:

"When I Feel Shy" is a children's picture book that combines thoughtful storytelling with expressive illustrations. It is suitable for readers ages 3 and up who may be experiencing feelings of shyness or social anxiety and are seeking reassurance and guidance. With its accessible language and relatable characters, it is perfect for reading aloud as a family or for independent reading by young readers who are learning to navigate their emotions. Whether used as a tool for sparking conversations about feelings or as a source of comfort for shy children, "When I Feel Shy" is sure to leave a lasting impression on readers of all ages.

How this book promotes empathy and self-acceptance:

"When I Feel Shy" promotes empathy and self-acceptance by encouraging readers to recognize and validate their own feelings while also empathizing with the experiences of others. Through [Protagonist's Name]'s journey, readers learn that it's okay to feel shy and uncertain in social situations, and that their feelings are valid and worthy of respect. The book emphasizes the importance of self-compassion and self-care, offering gentle reminders that it's okay to take things at [his/her/their] own pace and to seek support from trusted friends and adults when needed. By fostering empathy and understanding for oneself and others, "When I Feel Shy" empowers readers to embrace their unique qualities and to navigate the complexities of social interaction with confidence and resilience.

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