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Illustrated Classics Beauty and the Beast

Illustrated Classics Beauty and the Beast

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Most speakers and writers use the terms metaphor and simile as if they mean exactly the same thing. But they are not! A simile is a metaphor, but not all metaphors are similes. A metaphor compares two things, and does so more directly without using as or like. For example, the shop was a little gold-mine. A simile compares (usually introduced by like or as) two things that are generally not alike--such as a line of migrant workers and a wave, or onion skins and a swarm of butterflies.Writers and authors use similes to explain things, to express emotion, or to make their writing more lively and entertaining. Metaphors also offer figurative comparisons, but these are implied rather than introduced by like or as. Salient Features:o Thousands of widely used popular Metaphors & Similes in Englisho Inclusion of foreign Metaphors & Similes currently in use in English languageo Arranged alphabetically from A - Zo Worth recommending without second thoughtAn authoritative Dictionary of Metaphors & Similes for students, writers, and general readers!

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