Oh No, George

Oh No, George

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Title: Oh No, George!
Author: Chris Haughton
ISBN: 978-0763655464

"Oh No, George!" tells the charming and humorous story of George, a lovable dog with good intentions but a tendency to get into mischief. When his owner leaves him alone at home with the instruction to "be good," George tries his best to resist temptation. However, his willpower is tested when he encounters various temptations like cake, cat-chasing, and digging up flowers. Young readers follow George's hilarious escapades and cheer for him as he tries to make amends for his mischievous actions.

Why is this book popular?
This book captivates children and adults with its endearing storyline and expressive illustrations. George's relatable struggle between behaving well and giving in to temptations resonates with young readers, making it a favorite for bedtime stories and read-aloud sessions. Chris Haughton's distinctive artistic style and simple yet expressive text create a memorable reading experience that sparks laughter and empathy.


  • George: The playful and impulsive dog protagonist.
  • Harris: George's owner who leaves him instructions to "be good."
  • Various objects of temptation (cake, cat, flowers) that George encounters.

Illustrated by Chris Haughton himself, the book features bold and colorful artwork that effectively conveys George's emotions and the chaos he inadvertently causes. The illustrations are minimalist yet expressive, capturing George's expressions and actions with humor and clarity.

Book Type:
Children's picture book.

How this book helps children's development:
"Oh No, George!" supports children's development by:

  • Moral Dilemma: Encouraging discussion about making good choices and consequences of actions.
  • Empathy: Promoting understanding of emotions and perspectives through George's experiences.
  • Visual Literacy: Enhancing comprehension through visual storytelling and character expressions.

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About the Author:
Chris Haughton is an award-winning author and illustrator known for his distinctive artwork and engaging storytelling in children's books. His works often explore themes of friendship, humor, and the challenges of decision-making, captivating young readers worldwide.

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