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Title: The Enormous Turnip

Author: Alexei Tolstoy

ISBN: 978-1842703038

"The Enormous Turnip" is a classic Russian folktale retold by Alexei Tolstoy. In this charming story, a farmer plants a turnip seed that grows into an enormous turnip. When it comes time to harvest the turnip, the farmer discovers that it is too big for him to pull out alone. He enlists the help of his wife, who joins him in pulling the turnip, but they still can't manage to pull it out. They enlist the help of other characters in the village, including their grandchildren, the dog, the cat, and the mouse. Together, they finally succeed in pulling out the enormous turnip, teaching readers the value of teamwork and cooperation.

Why is this book popular:
This book is popular among children and families for its simple yet engaging storyline and timeless message about teamwork and cooperation. The repetitive structure of the story and the cumulative buildup of characters make it fun for children to read along and anticipate who will join in the effort to pull out the turnip next. The colorful illustrations and humorous moments throughout the story add to its appeal, making it a favorite for read-alouds and bedtime stories.

The illustrations in "The Enormous Turnip" are vibrant and lively, capturing the whimsical nature of the folktale. The characters are depicted with expressive faces and exaggerated features, adding to the humor and charm of the story.

Book type:
"The Enormous Turnip" is a picture book designed for young children, featuring engaging illustrations and a simple yet entertaining storyline. It is an ideal choice for preschoolers and early readers who enjoy folktales and stories about cooperation and teamwork.

How this particular book is going to help children development:
This book promotes social-emotional development and early literacy skills in children by emphasizing the importance of teamwork, cooperation, and perseverance. As children follow along with the story, they learn valuable lessons about working together towards a common goal and the satisfaction that comes from helping others. Additionally, the repetitive text and predictable structure of the story support language development and comprehension skills, making it an educational and enjoyable reading experience for children.

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About the author:
Alexei Tolstoy was a Russian author best known for his children's stories and adaptations of Russian folktales. "The Enormous Turnip" is one of his most famous works, beloved by readers of all ages for its timeless message and charming storytelling.

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