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Macmillan Charlie Crow in the Snow


Macmillan Charlie Crow in the Snow

Title: Macmillan Charlie Crow in the Snow

ISBN: 9781447281559


"Macmillan Charlie Crow in the Snow" is an enchanting children's picture book written and illustrated by Lorna Balian. In this delightful story, readers follow the adventures of Charlie Crow, a curious and adventurous crow who sets out to explore a snowy winter landscape. As Charlie Crow hops and flutters through the snow-covered trees, he encounters a variety of woodland creatures, from playful squirrels to majestic deer. Along the way, Charlie Crow learns valuable lessons about resilience, friendship, and the beauty of nature in winter. With its lyrical prose and evocative illustrations, "Macmillan Charlie Crow in the Snow" captures the magic and wonder of a snowy day and celebrates the joy of discovery and exploration.


Charlie Crow: The spirited protagonist of the story, known for his adventurous nature and inquisitive spirit.

Woodland Creatures: A diverse cast of animals who inhabit the snowy forest and join Charlie Crow on his winter adventure.

Why is this book popular?

"Macmillan Charlie Crow in the Snow" has become popular among children and families for its captivating storytelling and exquisite artwork. Lorna Balian's evocative prose and delicate illustrations create a sense of wonder and enchantment that resonates with readers of all ages, while the book's themes of friendship and resilience inspire and uplift. The charming character of Charlie Crow and the richly detailed winter landscape make "Macmillan Charlie Crow in the Snow" a beloved favorite for cozy storytimes and imaginative play.


The illustrations in "Macmillan Charlie Crow in the Snow" are breathtakingly beautiful and filled with warmth and charm. Lorna Balian's intricate artwork captures the tranquility and majesty of a snowy winter landscape, with soft pastel hues and delicate lines that evoke the quiet beauty of nature. Each page is adorned with whimsical details and enchanting scenes that invite readers to immerse themselves in Charlie Crow's snowy adventure, making it a visual delight for children and adults alike.

Book Type:

"Macmillan Charlie Crow in the Snow" is a children's picture book designed for readers of all ages. The book's large format and sturdy pages make it perfect for sharing aloud, while its lyrical prose and evocative illustrations create a captivating reading experience that transports readers to a magical winter wonderland.

How this particular book helps children's development:

This book helps children develop a sense of wonder, curiosity, and appreciation for the natural world as they accompany Charlie Crow on his winter adventure. The story encourages exploration and discovery, fostering a love of nature and a sense of connection to the world around them. Additionally, "Macmillan Charlie Crow in the Snow" promotes empathy and understanding as children encounter different woodland creatures and learn to appreciate their unique qualities and characteristics.

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About the Author and Illustrator:

Lorna Balian is a talented author and illustrator known for her whimsical and evocative children's books. With her distinctive style and imaginative storytelling, she creates enchanting worlds that captivate and inspire young readers.


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