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Sticker Fun Whales and Dolphins (Animal Planet Sticker Fun)


Sticker Fun Whales and Dolphins (Animal Planet Sticker Fun)

ISBN: 9781848108530


"Sticker Fun Whales and Dolphins" invites young explorers to embark on an exciting journey beneath the waves to discover the fascinating world of marine mammals. This interactive sticker book, part of the Animal Planet Sticker Fun series, features colorful scenes and over 250 reusable stickers, allowing children to create their own underwater adventures while learning about whales, dolphins, and their ocean habitat.

Why is this book popular?

"Sticker Fun Whales and Dolphins" has captured the imaginations of children with its combination of educational content and creative play. The vibrant illustrations and abundance of stickers make it an engaging and interactive experience, while the educational information about whales and dolphins adds depth and learning opportunities. Children and parents alike appreciate the opportunity to explore the wonders of the ocean world in a fun and interactive way.


Filled with vibrant colors and detailed underwater scenes, the illustrations in "Sticker Fun Whales and Dolphins" bring the ocean to life on every page. From majestic whales breaching the surface to playful dolphins leaping through the waves, each scene is rich in visual appeal and invites exploration and discovery.

Book type:

"Sticker Fun Whales and Dolphins" is an activity book designed for children ages 5 and up. With its sturdy pages and reusable stickers, it offers hours of entertainment and educational value. The combination of sticker play and learning about marine life makes it a favorite choice for young animal enthusiasts.

How this book enhances children's learning:

"Sticker Fun Whales and Dolphins" provides children with an engaging way to learn about marine mammals and their ocean habitat. As they interact with the stickers and create their own scenes, children develop fine motor skills, creativity, and knowledge about marine life. The educational content about whales, dolphins, and ocean conservation fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation for the natural world.

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About the author:

The "Sticker Fun Whales and Dolphins" book is part of the Animal Planet Sticker Fun series, created by a team of talented illustrators and writers who are passionate about educating children about the wonders of the natural world. With a focus on both entertainment and education, the series aims to inspire curiosity and appreciation for animals and their habitats.


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