Clothes Stickers


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Personalization: Personalize each label with your name, making it effortless to identify your items in any setting.

Superior Material: Crafted from robust waterproof material capable of withstanding daily use, harsh climatic conditions, and numerous washes.

Iron On: Simple peel-and-iron on the area of the cloth for 30 secs. Do not forget to put butter paper between the iron and the sticker. This is avoid any color sticking on the iron.

Versatile Application: Ideal for cotton clothes, polyester, fabrics. Avoid Nylon & Silk or Jute.

Convenient Pack Size: Each sheet holds 40 labels, offering an ample supply for all your labeling requirements.

Optimal Size: Each label measures 7×2 cm, ensuring they’re sufficiently visible yet compact enough to fit on most items.