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Shloka 4 Books Bundle | Ganesha | Krishna | Vishnu | Durga (Paperback)

Shloka 4 Books Bundle | Ganesha | Krishna | Vishnu | Durga (Paperback)

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Say hello to our incredible bundle of joy - 'Shlokas Made Easy' series, encompassing the enchanting tales of Lord Ganesha, Lord Krishna, and Lord Vishnu's Dashavatara. These books, designed with love and care, are the perfect companions to introduce your little ones to the rich tapestry of Hindu mythology. Each book, steeped in wisdom and morals, takes your child on a captivating journey filled with delightful adventures, enchanting Shlokas, and breathtaking illustrations.

Imagine the thrill of uncovering the 12 magical names of Lord Ganesha, each shedding light on a unique aspect of the Elephant God. Or the charm of delving into the playful and wisdom-filled episodes of Lord Krishna's life. And who can resist the allure of discovering the ten powerful avatars of Lord Vishnu, each avatar illustrating a fascinating tale of righteousness and courage? 

Every tale is carefully curated in an easy-to-understand poetic format and paired with a simple Shloka in Sanskrit, along with its English translation. This approach makes it easy for your young ones to grasp the essence of the stories while imbibing the rhythm and richness of Sanskrit Shlokas.

The series is not merely about storytelling. It's a valuable resource for imparting 'Sanskars' to your little ones. It encourages your child to reflect upon and imbibe the virtues exemplified by the divine characters. From Lord Ganesha's wisdom and humility to Lord Krishna's compassion and mischief, and the righteousness of Lord Vishnu's avatars - there's a treasure trove of life lessons to learn.

This bundle is a celebration of our cultural heritage, making it an enjoyable and informative experience for your child. And here's the best part - these books serve as the perfect first step in your child's journey of self-discovery and understanding of the world around them. So, are you ready to embark on this magical journey with your little ones?

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