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Mermaid Personalized Clothes Stickers

Mermaid Personalized Clothes Stickers

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Iron On Waterproof Personalized Clothes Stickers Catalogue


Personalize your items with our Exclusive Premium Personalized Waterproof Name Stickers. This one-of-a-kind product offers the ideal balance of functionality, flair, and durability, designed to bring order and vibrancy to your daily routine.

In our dynamic world, where personal belongings abound, the issue of losing or mixing up one’s items with another’s is not uncommon. Be it at work, school, or even home, everyday clothes like uniforms, socks, pants, undergarments can easily be misidentified. For children in schools where many items are identical, this problem can be particularly vexing.


Enter our customized name labels. They address this predicament and additionally lend a personal and stylish accent to your items. These labels present a straightforward yet efficient method to keep track of your belongings, ensuring they always return to you.


Applying these? name labels is as straightforward as their usage. Simply peel off and stick them to inner part of the clothes. Cover them with the butterpaper and iron on the same for 30 secs. Their practical size of 7x2cm guarantees a snug fit on most surfaces without being obtrusive.

We fashion our labels from superior, resilient material, which makes them waterproof and robust. Engineered to endure everyday wear and tear, weather fluctuations, and multiple wash cycles, these labels retain their color intensity so don’t worry you can be confident that your name won’t wash away in the rain or during regular cleaning.


A distinguishing feature of our labels is the ability for personalized customization. You can get your name elegantly imprinted on each label, adding a personal touch that distinguishes each item as uniquely yours and this feature makes them an excellent option for gifting to friends and relatives.

Personalized Waterproof Name Stickers go beyond mere utility; they make a style statement as well. Each set comprises 4 to 5 exclusive designs that add a touch of character to your items. With 40 labels on a sheet, you’ll have an ample supply for a variety of items or to share with your dear ones.

So why hesitate? Transform the mundane and invigorate your belongings with our Exclusive Premium Personalized Waterproof Name Stickers. Add fashion, fun, and function to your everyday life, and let your personality radiate through your possessions!

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