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This Is How We Stay Safe

This Is How We Stay Safe

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Help your little one learn all the key life skills that they need with this new series of books all about preparing little ones for school.

There's so much to remember when it comes to staying safe - from knowing who to talk to if you feel upset, to remembering to put your seatbelt on and how to cross the road safely, and a whole bunch of other things too. But don't panic! This first experiences book for children is a great way to encourage independence and responsibility.

This delightful early learning book is perfect for kids aged 3-5 years old. It helps:

- Children learn lots of important personal, social, and emotional skills
- Encourage children to put their new skills into practice, and try out what they are learning in the real world
- A fun and interactive way for parents to introduce children to a new routine
- Presented in a highly visual way with bright and attractive illustrations to keep kids entertained and interested

No matter what grown-ups tell you, being little is hard work, there's so much to learn! This amusing board book is here to guide little ones along the way by teaching them the skills needed to look after themselves and keep safe - on the road, online, and around strangers.

This is How We... Stay Safe is one of four books about starting school for preschoolers! These board books explain key concepts and life skills to children. Look out for This is How We... Get Ready, Eat Well, and Make Friends to help your little ones grow confident to move about in the wider world.

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