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Curious George and the Fire-fighters

Curious George and the Fire-fighters

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Now with read-aloud audio! When George joins Mrs. Gray's class for field trip to the fire station, his curiosity gets the best of him. After he strays from the group to see where that shiny silver fire pole leads, he tries on black rubber boots, a fireman's jacket, and trademark helmet. Just as he suits up in uniform, the fire bell rings. An emergency! George simply has to tag along. But what will a curious little monkey do when they arrive on the scene? Help, of course! Fortunately, it is only a small fire near the park. But those kids playing ball on the grass there sure catch his attention. Now what? The audio for this Read-Aloud ebook was produced and engineered by Perry Geyer at Cybersound Recording Studios (349 Newbury St., Ste. 201, Boston, MA 02115). Music theme composed by Cybersound Studios (Perry Geyer, Silvio Amato, Michael Africk, Greg Hawkes). Engineers: Perry Geyer (music production and sound design), Rob Whitaker (editing and mixing engineer), Samuel Creager (editing, sound design, and mixing engineer), Marcus Clark, Corey Rupp. Assistant engineers: Dave Chapman, Mike Pekarski, Justin Sheriff, Daniel Wrigley, Andrew Sardinha, Mami Ienaga, Kevin Notar, Maria Goulamhoussen. Sheridan Willard, John Huang, John Schmidt. Voiceover by Joyce Kulhawik.

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