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  • Dedication
  • Your Story
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Wedding
  • 1 Min 30 Secs song

  • Customisable, Unique, Memorable

  • Choose from different genres

  • In Hindi & English



songs that touch your heart

Get the most appealing songs, which convey the message to your loved ones on any occasion whether it is an anniversay, birthday, valentine, expression of your love or even if you want to celebrate a moment with them


The songs are composed to give you a ever lasting impression and capture the moment which will last forever

Asked Questions

How long will be the song ?

The song length will be atleast 1 min 30 seconds in 1 order. The max length it can reach is 2 mins 30 secs. However, we will adjust the length to suit the song aesthetics.
What do i get ?

What you get

  • Song (mp3) on your email address
  • Video with Lyrics and visualiser ( As showed on page)
  • Lyrics in document format
  • This is a digital delivery so nothing will be physically delivered

Can you make modifications in the song ?

The creative discreation is with the artist who is working on the song, we cannot modify the song as per customer needs. However, the options to enter the name and message is provided during the order placement. The name will be taken however the artists will try to accomodate the message through the song subject to his/her discreation

Can you replicate voice of a famous singer or artist ?

No we do not do that, we respect every artist and their work. We do our own in our style. There could be inspiration from other songs but they wont be same neither by artist voice nor by lyrics. 

Which all occasions can i gift this ?

You can gift this any occation you want, from anniversaries, wedding, birthdays, valentines day, big event etc  You name it and we will get you that

Which all occasions are covered ?

You can gift this any occation you want, from anniversaries, wedding, birthdays, valentines day, big event etc  You name it and we will get you that

What if i don't like the song ?

We understand your concern, songs and its likeliness is very subjective and depends from person to person.
We take atmost care to make sure the song is in right  rhythm and delivering the right message. However, In the event you don't like the song we cannot refund or cancel the order.  Hope you understand that there are lot of efforts been made to make a song which needs to be compensated.
Terms & Conditions
Our service offers a unique and vibrant experience, where each song is brought to life through a diverse pool of voices. 
We carefully select the vocalist, style, and genre to match the essence of your composition, ensuring each song is distinct and memorable. 
Please note that the songs featured in our showcase and those we deliver will vary to highlight our creative range. 
We value your input regarding the style and language of the song. 
However, the final creative decisions rest with our artists to craft a piece that is both authentic and innovative. 
Our approach to vocal styling is inspired, but original. 
We do not imitate or replicate existing artists or songs. 
While inspiration is a key part of our process, we maintain artistic integrity by not reproducing specific songs or mimicking other artists. 
The lyrics, an integral part of our creative expression, are penned by our team. 
They may not always follow conventional structures, as we prioritize aesthetic beauty and artistic freedom in our compositions. 
This approach sometimes leads to unique and unconventional lyricism. 
We strive for accuracy in pronunciation, especially in English songs, but slight variations may occur due to accent differences. Our goal is always to achieve as close a pronunciation as possible. Once a song is created, it cannot be replaced or rejected. 
We understand that creativity is subjective, and while we respect your preferences, we also uphold the value of our artists' efforts. 
Therefore, we do not offer refunds or replacements based on personal taste. 
Each project culminates in the delivery of a single, carefully crafted variation of the song. 
This ensures that our focus is entirely on providing a high-quality, unique piece that resonates with both the artist and the audience. 
As each song is custom-made, please allow adequate time for the creation and delivery
Copyrights of the song are owned by Bibliophiles and no commercial usage allowed. However, the customer can play it forever. 

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