Sweet Delights Eraser Collection

Sweet Delights Eraser Collection

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Sweet Delights Eraser Collection

Box of 4 Erasers ( Assorted)

Indulge in a delightful stationery experience with our Sweet Delights Eraser Collection! Crafted with precision and an eye for detail, these erasers are not just functional but also a treat for the eyes.

🍭 Lollipop Eraser: Swirls of vibrant colors make this lollipop eraser a visual treat. Its sturdy design ensures that you can erase mistakes smoothly, just like enjoying a real lollipop!

🍬 Candy Eraser: Wrapped in a shimmering foil design, this candy-shaped eraser is a pocket-sized wonder. Perfect for those tiny mistakes that need a sweet touch-up.

🍩 Donut Eraser: With a sprinkle of fun and a dollop of cuteness, our donut eraser is a must-have for every stationery lover. Its round shape provides a good grip, making erasing errors a piece of cake!

🍦 Ice Cream Eraser: Cool down your mistakes with our ice cream cone eraser. Designed with layers of 'flavors', it's a delightful addition to any pencil case.

Safety Warning: While these erasers may look tempting, they are not edible. They are designed for erasing purposes only. Please ensure they are used under parental guidance. Not suitable for children below 3 years due to small parts which could pose a choking hazard.

Add a touch of sweetness to your stationery collection with our Sweet Delights Eraser Collection. Perfect for gifting or personal use, they're sure to bring a smile to anyone's face!

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