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Where Is Baby's Valentine?


Where Is Baby's Valentine?

ISBN: 9781416909712


"Where Is Baby's Valentine?" is an adorable board book that follows the charming escapades of Baby as [he/she/they] embark on a delightful search for [his/her/their] missing Valentine. Authored by Karen Katz, this interactive story engages young readers in a fun and engaging game of hide-and-seek as they join Baby in the quest to find [his/her/their] beloved Valentine. From peeking behind flaps to exploring familiar household objects, children are invited to participate in the search, guessing where the Valentine might be hiding on each page. With its simple text, colorful illustrations, and interactive format, "Where Is Baby's Valentine?" is the perfect book for celebrating love and friendship with little ones during the Valentine's season.


  • Baby: The adorable protagonist of the story, who is on a quest to find [his/her/their] missing Valentine.
  • [Additional characters if applicable]

Why is this book popular?

"Where Is Baby's Valentine?" has captured the hearts of young readers and parents alike for its engaging storytelling and interactive format. Karen Katz's signature style of bright, cheerful illustrations and simple, repetitive text appeals to babies and toddlers, inviting them to actively participate in the story and develop important early literacy skills. The book's interactive flaps and peek-a-boo surprises add an element of excitement and discovery, keeping young readers engaged and entertained as they join Baby in the search for [his/her/their] Valentine. With its playful tone and sweet message of love and friendship, "Where Is Baby's Valentine?" has become a beloved favorite for families looking to celebrate Valentine's Day with their little ones.


The illustrations in "Where Is Baby's Valentine?" are vibrant, charming, and filled with adorable details that capture the imagination of young readers. Karen Katz's distinctive collage-style artwork features bold colors, whimsical patterns, and expressive characters that leap off the page and invite children to explore and discover. Each page is a visual feast for the eyes, with interactive flaps that add an element of surprise and delight to the story. From cuddly teddy bears to playful puppies, the illustrations evoke a sense of warmth and coziness that perfectly complements the sweet and endearing narrative. With its engaging visuals and interactive format, "Where Is Baby's Valentine?" is sure to captivate the hearts of little ones and parents alike.

Book type:

"Where Is Baby's Valentine?" is a board book designed specifically for babies and toddlers. Its sturdy pages and interactive flaps make it perfect for little hands to explore and enjoy. With its simple text and engaging illustrations, it is ideal for reading aloud to babies and for encouraging early interaction and participation. Whether shared during cuddle time, playtime, or as part of a Valentine's Day celebration, "Where Is Baby's Valentine?" is sure to delight and entertain young readers and parents alike.

How this book encourages early literacy and interaction:

"Where Is Baby's Valentine?" encourages early literacy and interaction by engaging young readers in a fun and interactive game of hide-and-seek. As children lift the flaps and search for Baby's missing Valentine, they are introduced to important pre-literacy skills such as object recognition, vocabulary development, and hand-eye coordination. The book's repetitive text and predictable structure provide a supportive framework for early language acquisition, while its interactive format fosters engagement and participation. By actively involving children in the story and encouraging them to explore and discover, "Where Is Baby's Valentine?" lays the foundation for a lifelong love of reading and learning.

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About the author:

Karen Katz is a talented author and illustrator known for her beloved board books for babies and toddlers. With "Where Is Baby's Valentine?" and other titles in her popular series, she has delighted young readers and parents alike with her charming stories and engaging artwork.


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