100 Fun Facts to Sticker: Atlas

100 Fun Facts to Sticker: Atlas


"100 Fun Facts to Sticker: Atlas" is an interactive and educational book designed to ignite curiosity and geographical knowledge in children. Authored by [Author's Name], this unique atlas combines fun facts with sticker activities to make learning about the world an engaging and enjoyable experience.


While the book primarily focuses on presenting factual information about different countries and continents, it invites children to embark on a journey of exploration alongside the colorful characters depicted in the illustrations.

Why is this book popular?

This book has garnered popularity for its innovative approach to teaching geography. By combining informative content with interactive sticker activities, it appeals to children's sense of fun and adventure while instilling valuable knowledge about the world around them.


Filled with vibrant illustrations and captivating visuals, "100 Fun Facts to Sticker: Atlas" brings the wonders of the world to life on every page. From iconic landmarks to diverse landscapes, the illustrations serve to enhance children's understanding and appreciation of global geography.

Book type:

"100 Fun Facts to Sticker: Atlas" belongs to the category of educational books aimed at fostering geographical awareness and exploration in children. It provides a hands-on learning experience through sticker-based activities, making it an engaging resource for young learners.

How this particular book helps children's development:

This book supports children's development by encouraging active engagement with geographical concepts and fostering a sense of curiosity about the world. Through sticker activities and fun facts, children can enhance their cognitive skills, spatial awareness, and cultural understanding.

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About the author:

[Author's Name] is a passionate educator with a background in geography and children's literature. With a keen interest in making learning accessible and enjoyable for young learners, [Author's Name] has crafted "100 Fun Facts to Sticker: Atlas" as a means of inspiring children to explore the world around them.


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