Milo Goes Bananas (Picture Storybooks)

Milo Goes Bananas (Picture Storybooks)

ISBN: 9781789584516


"Milo Goes Bananas" is a charming children's picture book written by Marcus Pfister. In this delightful story, readers are introduced to Milo, a mischievous monkey with a love for adventure and, of course, bananas! When Milo discovers a banana tree deep in the jungle, he can't resist the temptation to taste its delicious fruit. But as Milo feasts on bananas to his heart's content, he soon learns that too much of a good thing can lead to unexpected consequences. With its whimsical storytelling and vibrant illustrations, "Milo Goes Bananas" is a delightful tale that celebrates curiosity, friendship, and the joy of discovery.


Milo: The playful and curious protagonist, a lovable monkey with a penchant for bananas.

Jungle Friends: A colorful cast of animals who join Milo on his jungle adventure, including parrots, snakes, and butterflies.

Why is this book popular?

"Milo Goes Bananas" has become popular among children and families for its endearing characters, playful storyline, and beautiful artwork. Marcus Pfister's engaging narrative and expressive illustrations capture the imagination of young readers, inviting them to join Milo on his escapades through the lush jungle. The book's themes of friendship, curiosity, and self-discovery resonate with children of all ages, inspiring them to explore the world around them and embrace new experiences. With its whimsical charm and timeless appeal, "Milo Goes Bananas" is sure to delight readers and become a beloved favorite for storytime.


The illustrations in "Milo Goes Bananas" are vibrant, colorful, and filled with delightful detail. Marcus Pfister's lively artwork brings the jungle to life with lush foliage, exotic animals, and playful scenes that spark the imagination. Each page is adorned with expressive characters and dynamic compositions that capture the energy and excitement of Milo's adventures, making it a visual feast for children and adults alike.

Book Type:

"Milo Goes Bananas" is a children's picture book designed for readers of all ages. The book's large format and sturdy pages make it perfect for sharing aloud, while its engaging text and lively illustrations create a captivating reading experience that transports readers to a tropical paradise.

How this particular book helps children's development:

This book helps children develop curiosity, empathy, and problem-solving skills as they follow Milo on his jungle adventure. The story encourages exploration and discovery, fostering a love of nature and a sense of wonder about the world. Additionally, "Milo Goes Bananas" promotes important values such as friendship, sharing, and moderation, teaching children valuable lessons about responsibility and self-control.

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About the Author and Illustrator:

Marcus Pfister is a talented author and illustrator known for his imaginative and heartwarming children's books. With his distinctive style and captivating storytelling, he creates enchanting worlds that inspire and delight young readers.


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