A Very Messy Christmas

A Very Messy Christmas


ISBN: 9781788431958


"A Very Messy Christmas" by Lucy Barnard is a delightful tale about the chaos that ensues when a family's Christmas preparations go awry. From tangled fairy lights to burnt cookies, the story follows the humorous misadventures of the family as they try to navigate through the holiday season. Despite the mess, they discover that the true spirit of Christmas lies in togetherness and laughter.


The Family: A loving but slightly chaotic family trying to prepare for Christmas.

Mr. and Mrs. Claus: Special guest appearances by the iconic Christmas couple add to the festive charm of the story.

Why is this book popular?

"A Very Messy Christmas" resonates with readers due to its relatable portrayal of the ups and downs of holiday preparations. The humorous mishaps and endearing characters make it an enjoyable read for both children and adults. Additionally, the heartwarming message of family bonds and the joy of spending time together during the holidays strikes a chord with readers.


The book features vibrant and lively illustrations that capture the festive chaos and warmth of the holiday season. The colorful artwork adds to the charm of the story, engaging young readers and bringing the narrative to life.

Book Type:

"A Very Messy Christmas" is a children's picture book, perfect for families to read together during the holiday season. Its playful storyline and engaging illustrations make it suitable for children of various ages.

How this particular book helps children's development:

This book encourages children to embrace the joy and imperfections of the holiday season. It fosters creativity and imagination as they follow along with the family's festive adventures. Additionally, the story promotes empathy and understanding as children witness the characters coming together to overcome obstacles and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.

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About the Author:

Lucy Barnard is a talented author known for her heartwarming and humorous children's books. With "A Very Messy Christmas," she captures the magic of the holiday season with wit and warmth, delighting readers of all ages.


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