Magic Mermaids

Magic Mermaids

ISBN: 9781789477443


"Magic Mermaids" is a captivating children's picture book written by Sarah Levison and illustrated by Lisa Regan. In this enchanting story, readers are transported to an underwater world where mermaids reign supreme. As they dive beneath the waves, they meet a group of mermaids who possess magical powers and embark on thrilling adventures in the depths of the ocean. From swimming with dolphins to exploring coral reefs, the mermaids' journey is filled with wonder and excitement. With its lyrical prose and vibrant illustrations, "Magic Mermaids" celebrates the beauty of the ocean and the mystical allure of mermaids, inviting readers to join in the magic and imagination of their underwater realm.


Mermaids: The enchanting protagonists of the story, each with their own unique personality and magical abilities.

Sea Creatures: A colorful cast of aquatic creatures who inhabit the ocean and befriend the mermaids on their adventures.

Why is this book popular?

"Magic Mermaids" has become popular among children and families for its whimsical storytelling and stunning artwork. Sarah Levison's lyrical prose creates a sense of enchantment and wonder that captures the imagination of young readers, while Lisa Regan's vibrant illustrations bring the underwater world to life with dazzling detail and color. The book's themes of friendship, adventure, and magic resonate with children of all ages, inspiring them to explore their own creativity and imagination as they dive into the fantastical world of mermaids.


The illustrations in "Magic Mermaids" are breathtakingly beautiful and filled with vibrant colors and intricate details. Lisa Regan's exquisite artwork captures the splendor and mystery of the ocean, with shimmering seas, lush coral reefs, and graceful mermaids that sparkle with magic and charm. Each page is adorned with whimsical scenes and delightful characters that invite readers to dive into the underwater world and embark on an adventure of their own.

Book Type:

"Magic Mermaids" is a children's picture book designed for readers of all ages. The book's large format and sturdy pages make it perfect for sharing aloud, while its captivating text and stunning illustrations create an immersive reading experience that transports readers to a magical realm beneath the waves.

How this particular book helps children's development:

This book helps children develop imagination, creativity, and empathy as they explore the fantastical world of mermaids and sea creatures. The story encourages curiosity and wonder, fostering a sense of awe and appreciation for the beauty and diversity of the natural world. Additionally, "Magic Mermaids" promotes important values such as friendship, kindness, and courage, inspiring children to embrace their uniqueness and celebrate the magic within themselves and others.

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About the Author and Illustrator:

Sarah Levison is a talented author known for her imaginative and enchanting children's books. Lisa Regan is an accomplished illustrator whose vibrant artwork brings stories to life with warmth and charm.


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