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100 Cats

100 Cats

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Title: 100 Cats
Author: Michael Whaite
ISBN: 9781786037256

"100 Cats" is a whimsical and entertaining children's book that introduces young readers to a playful world filled with cats of all shapes, sizes, and personalities. Through delightful illustrations and engaging descriptions, children are invited to count and explore the antics of each unique cat as they navigate their way through the pages. This charming book combines learning with fun, making it a favorite among cat lovers and young readers alike.

Why is this book popular?
This book captivates children with its playful concept of counting cats and discovering their various traits and behaviors. The colorful illustrations and engaging narrative make learning enjoyable and encourage interactive reading experiences.


  • Various cats with distinct personalities and characteristics.

Illustrated by Michael Whaite himself, the book features vibrant and humorous artwork that brings each cat to life on the page. The illustrations capture the quirky nature of cats, enhancing the storytelling and encouraging visual exploration.

Book Type:
Children's picture book.

How this book helps children's development:
"100 Cats" contributes to children's development by:

  • Counting Skills: Helping children practice counting up to 100 in an engaging and memorable way.
  • Observation: Encouraging attention to detail through spotting different characteristics of each cat.
  • Imagination: Fostering creativity as children imagine the adventures and personalities of each cat.

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About the Author:
Michael Whaite is an author and illustrator known for his humorous and inventive children's books. He combines playful storytelling with lively illustrations to create engaging reading experiences that appeal to young audiences.

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