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Children's Picture Atlas

Children's Picture Atlas

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Title: Children's Picture Atlas

ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0746047132

Author/Illustrator: Ruth Brocklehurst (Author), Linda Edwards (Illustrator)
Summary: The "Children's Picture Atlas" is an educational and visually captivating book that introduces young readers to geography and world cultures through vibrant illustrations and engaging text. The atlas takes children on a journey across continents, exploring diverse landscapes, landmarks, and people from around the globe. Each page is filled with colorful maps, playful illustrations, and fascinating facts about different countries, making learning about geography and cultures an interactive and enjoyable experience.

Why is this book popular?
The "Children's Picture Atlas" has gained popularity for its accessible approach to introducing geography to young readers. Ruth Brocklehurst's clear and informative writing style, combined with Linda Edwards' lively illustrations, makes the atlas an engaging resource for children curious about the world. The book sparks curiosity and encourages exploration of different countries and cultures, fostering a global perspective and appreciation for diversity.


  • The book features various characters and cultural elements from different countries, enhancing children's understanding of global diversity and unity.

Linda Edwards' illustrations in the "Children's Picture Atlas" are colorful, detailed, and filled with cultural references that bring each country and region to life. The artwork captures the essence of diverse landscapes, traditions, and landmarks, enriching the learning experience by visually representing the cultural richness of our world.

Book Type:
The "Children's Picture Atlas" is a children's educational book, suitable for elementary school-aged children interested in geography, cultures, and world exploration. It combines informative text with vibrant illustrations to make learning about geography engaging and accessible.

How this particular book helps children's development:

  • Geographical Knowledge: Introduces children to basic geographical concepts, such as continents, countries, and landmarks.
  • Cultural Awareness: Promotes understanding and appreciation of different cultures, traditions, and ways of life around the world.
  • Visual Learning: Enhances visual literacy and observation skills through colorful maps and detailed illustrations.

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About the Author/Illustrator:
Ruth Brocklehurst is an experienced author of children's books, specializing in educational titles that make learning fun and accessible. Linda Edwards is a talented illustrator known for her vibrant and evocative artwork, particularly in children's literature.

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