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Dinosaur Adventures: Iguanodon – The noisy night

Dinosaur Adventures: Iguanodon – The noisy night

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Title: Dinosaur Adventures: Iguanodon – The Noisy Night
Author: Isabel Otter
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"Dinosaur Adventures: Iguanodon – The Noisy Night" takes young readers on an exciting journey with Iguanodon, a dinosaur known for its distinct features and behaviors. In this installment of the Dinosaur Adventures series, children explore Iguanodon's nocturnal activities and learn about the sounds it makes during the night. The interactive narrative engages readers in discovering how Iguanodon navigates through the darkness and communicates with other dinosaurs.

Why is this book popular?
This book appeals to children fascinated by dinosaurs, offering an educational and immersive experience through vibrant illustrations and engaging storytelling. It combines factual information about Iguanodon with an imaginative narrative that sparks curiosity about prehistoric creatures.


  • Iguanodon: The central dinosaur character known for its prominent thumb spike and ability to vocalize.
  • Other prehistoric creatures encountered during the night adventures.

The book features captivating illustrations by Maisie Paradise Shearring, vividly bringing the world of Iguanodon and other dinosaurs to life. The illustrations depict the lush prehistoric landscape and depict Iguanodon's activities during the nighttime hours.

Book Type:
Children's educational picture book.

How this book helps children's development:
"Dinosaur Adventures: Iguanodon – The Noisy Night" supports children's development by:

  • Educational Value: Introducing young readers to dinosaur facts and behaviors.
  • Imagination: Fostering creativity through storytelling and exploration of prehistoric worlds.
  • Language Skills: Enhancing vocabulary and comprehension through engaging narrative and descriptive language.

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About the Author:
Isabel Otter is a children's book author known for creating educational and imaginative stories that captivate young readers. Her works often explore themes of nature, animals, and history, making learning enjoyable through storytelling.

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