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Title: Gorilla
Author: Anthony Browne
Summary: "Gorilla" is a captivating children's book that tells the story of Hannah, a young girl who loves gorillas. On her birthday, she is disappointed to receive a toy gorilla instead of a real one. That night, an extraordinary thing happens when Hannah's toy gorilla comes to life, and they embark on an unforgettable adventure. Through this magical journey, Hannah learns about the beauty of friendship and the importance of cherishing the unexpected.

Why is this book popular?
"Gorilla" is beloved for its enchanting storyline and exquisite illustrations by Anthony Browne. The book resonates with children due to its imaginative narrative and heartfelt exploration of longing and companionship. It has received acclaim for its ability to evoke emotions and inspire young readers to dream.


  • Hannah: The main character, a girl who adores gorillas and dreams of having one.
  • Toy Gorilla: Hannah's toy that magically comes to life, becoming her companion.
  • Hannah's father: Supportive and caring, he plays a significant role in Hannah's birthday adventure.

Anthony Browne's illustrations in "Gorilla" are rich in detail and symbolism, offering layers of meaning that enhance the storytelling. The artwork skillfully captures Hannah's emotions and the whimsical nature of her encounter with the gorilla, making it a visual delight for readers of all ages.

Book Type:
"Gorilla" is a children's picture book, suitable for preschoolers and early elementary school-aged children. It blends fantasy with themes of friendship and the power of imagination.

How this particular book helps children's development:

  • Empathy: Encourages understanding of emotions and the value of companionship.
  • Imagination: Sparks creativity and invites children to explore the magic of make-believe.
  • Appreciation of Nature: Introduces young readers to the wonder of animals, particularly gorillas, and the importance of conservation.

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About the Author:
Anthony Browne is a distinguished author and illustrator renowned for his poignant storytelling and distinctive artwork. His books, including "Gorilla," have earned numerous awards and accolades for their ability to captivate and inspire young readers worldwide.

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