Little Mermaid

Little Mermaid

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Title: The Little Mermaid
Author: Adapted by Lesley Sims
ISBN: 978-0746080023

"The Little Mermaid" adaptation by Lesley Sims is a beloved retelling of the classic fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. It tells the enchanting story of a young mermaid princess who dreams of experiencing life on land. When she falls in love with a human prince, she makes a fateful decision to seek the help of a sea witch in exchange for a chance at human life. The story explores themes of love, sacrifice, and the quest for identity in a captivating underwater world.

Why is this book popular?
This adaptation is popular for its faithful retelling of Hans Christian Andersen's timeless tale, combined with engaging storytelling suitable for young readers. The story of "The Little Mermaid" resonates with audiences of all ages for its themes of courage, determination, and the pursuit of dreams. Lesley Sims' adaptation brings the classic tale to life with accessible language and vivid illustrations, making it a favorite among children and families.


  • The Little Mermaid: A curious and brave mermaid princess who dreams of exploring the human world.
  • The Sea Witch: A mysterious and cunning character who grants the mermaid's wish to become human.
  • The Prince: A handsome and kind-hearted human prince whom the Little Mermaid falls in love with.

Illustrated by Alessandra Roberti, the book features enchanting and colorful artwork that captures the magic and beauty of both the undersea kingdom and the human world. The illustrations complement the narrative, enhancing the reader's experience and bringing the characters and settings to life.

Book Type:
Children's fairy tale picture book.

How this book helps children's development:
"The Little Mermaid" adaptation supports children's development by:

  • Promoting Imagination: Stimulating imagination through the exploration of fantastical worlds and characters.
  • Teaching Morals: Introducing moral lessons about love, selflessness, and consequences of choices.
  • Encouraging Reading Skills: Enhancing reading comprehension and vocabulary through engaging storytelling.

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About the Author:
Lesley Sims is an accomplished author known for her adaptations of classic stories for children. Her works combine timeless tales with accessible language and captivating illustrations, making them beloved additions to children's literature.

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