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Oi Dog!

Oi Dog!

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Title: Oi Dog!
ISBN: 9781444919592
Author: Kes Gray
Illustrator: Jim Field
Summary: "Oi Dog!" is a hilarious and imaginative picture book that continues the story from the popular "Oi Frog!" book. In this sequel, Frog is determined to sit on something other than a log, as decided by the rule-setting Cat. With playful rhymes and witty humor, Frog and Dog embark on a mission to find suitable seats for various animals, leading to uproarious chaos and unexpected solutions.

Why is this book popular?
This book is popular among children and adults for its clever wordplay, engaging storyline, and vibrant illustrations. Kes Gray's whimsical rhymes paired with Jim Field's expressive and humorous artwork create a delightful reading experience that appeals to both early readers and their parents. The book's humorous take on animal seating arrangements and its memorable characters make it a favorite for bedtime reading and classroom storytelling alike.


  • Frog: The main character who challenges the traditional seating rules set by Cat.
  • Dog: Frog's enthusiastic companion who helps find inventive seating solutions for various animals.
  • Cat: The rule-setting character who imposes the seating arrangements in a humorous and unexpected twist.

Illustrated by Jim Field, the book features bold and colorful illustrations that capture the energy and humor of the story. The expressive animal characters and their hilarious seating predicaments are brought to life through Field's lively artwork.

Book Type:
Picture book, humorous fiction.

How this book helps children's development:
"Oi Dog!" supports children's development by:

  • Enhancing phonemic awareness and language skills through playful rhymes and wordplay.
  • Encouraging creativity and problem-solving as Frog and Dog find unconventional solutions to seating challenges.
  • Promoting laughter and enjoyment of reading, fostering a positive attitude towards books and storytelling.

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  • Other books in the "Oi Frog!" series by Kes Gray and Jim Field, including "Oi Cat!" and "Oi Duck-billed Platypus!"
  • "The Wonky Donkey" by Craig Smith, another humorous picture book known for its catchy rhymes and playful illustrations.

About the author/illustrator:
Kes Gray is a prolific children's author known for his humorous and engaging stories, while Jim Field is an illustrator celebrated for his lively and expressive artwork that complements Gray's storytelling perfectly.

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