Poo in the Zoo

Poo in the Zoo

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Title: Poo in the Zoo
Author: Steve Smallman
ISBN: 978-1848950475

"Poo in the Zoo" by Steve Smallman is a hilarious and educational children's book that takes young readers on a wild adventure through the zoo. In this playful story, zookeeper Bob discovers that all the animals in the zoo are doing their business in inappropriate places. From the mischievous monkeys to the rowdy rhinos, each animal has its own unique and humorous way of causing mischief with their poo. With colorful illustrations and witty rhymes, the book teaches children about the importance of proper behavior, even for zoo animals!

Why is this book popular?
This book captivates children with its silly premise and engaging storytelling. Steve Smallman's playful rhymes and lively illustrations bring the zoo and its quirky inhabitants to life, making learning about animal behavior both entertaining and memorable. "Poo in the Zoo" is a favorite for bedtime reading and classroom discussions, blending humor with valuable lessons about respect and responsibility.


  • Zookeeper Bob: The protagonist who tries to manage the zoo animals' mischievous behavior.
  • Various zoo animals, each with their own amusing antics involving poo.

Illustrated by Ada Grey, the book features vibrant and expressive artwork that complements the humorous narrative. The illustrations capture the playful personalities of the animals and their hilarious interactions with zookeeper Bob, enhancing the storytelling and engaging young readers visually.

Book Type:
Children's picture book.

How this book helps children's development:
"Poo in the Zoo" supports children's development by:

  • Humor and Engagement: Using humor to capture children's attention and encourage laughter.
  • Behavioral Lessons: Teaching the importance of proper behavior and respect, even in funny situations.
  • Environmental Awareness: Increasing awareness of animal habitats and behaviors in a playful context.

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About the Author:
Steve Smallman is a talented children's author known for his imaginative storytelling and humorous books. His works, including "Poo in the Zoo," entertain and educate young readers while sparking their curiosity about the natural world and animal behavior.

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