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We're Going on a Bear Hunt

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

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Title: We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Author: Michael Rosen
Illustrator: Helen Oxenbury
"We're Going on a Bear Hunt" is a classic children's book that follows a family's adventurous journey through various natural obstacles as they search for a bear. The repetitive and rhythmic text, coupled with Helen Oxenbury's beautiful illustrations, creates an engaging and exciting narrative that captures the imagination of young readers. From swishy grass to a deep, cold river and a thick, oozy mud, the family encounters challenges that they bravely overcome on their quest to find a bear.

Why is this book popular?
This book is beloved for its catchy refrain, captivating storyline, and stunning illustrations that bring the outdoor adventure to life. It encourages children to participate in the storytelling through repetitive phrases and actions, making it a memorable and interactive reading experience.


  • Dad
  • Children (various siblings)

Helen Oxenbury's illustrations are charming and evocative, perfectly complementing the text with detailed depictions of the outdoor landscape and the family's journey. The illustrations capture both the beauty and challenges of nature, enhancing the immersive experience for young readers.

Book Type:
Children's picture book, interactive storytelling

How this book helps children's development:
"We're Going on a Bear Hunt" supports children's development by fostering imagination, language skills, and physical engagement. The repetitive structure encourages participation and memory retention, while the adventurous storyline promotes bravery and resilience in overcoming obstacles.

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About the author:
Michael Rosen is a renowned children's author and poet known for his engaging and humorous writing style. He has written numerous books that resonate with young readers, celebrating the joy of storytelling and imagination.

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