Where's the Dragon?

Where's the Dragon?

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Title: Where's the Dragon?
Author: Jason Hook
ISBN: 978-0763649341

"Where's the Dragon?" by Jason Hook is an interactive children's book that invites young readers on a quest to find a mischievous dragon hidden within detailed illustrations of medieval scenes. As readers explore each page, they encounter knights, castles, and other fantastical elements while searching for clues to locate the elusive dragon. With engaging text and intricate artwork, the book encourages observation skills, attention to detail, and a sense of adventure.

Why is this book popular?
This book appeals to children with its interactive and imaginative approach to storytelling. Jason Hook's clever narrative prompts readers to actively participate in the search for the dragon, fostering curiosity and problem-solving skills. The book's captivating illustrations by Richard Hook transport readers to a magical world of knights and mythical creatures, making it a favorite for both solo reading and shared exploration with caregivers.


  • The Dragon: The playful and elusive character hidden throughout the book's pages.
  • Knights, villagers, and other medieval figures encountered during the search.

Illustrated by Richard Hook, the book features intricate and vibrant artwork that brings the medieval setting to life. The detailed illustrations capture the essence of a mythical world filled with castles, forests, and hidden surprises, enhancing the interactive nature of the story.

Book Type:
Interactive children's picture book.

How this book helps children's development:
"Where's the Dragon?" supports children's development by:

  • Observation Skills: Encouraging attention to detail and visual perception through the search for hidden objects.
  • Problem-Solving: Stimulating critical thinking as readers decipher clues and navigate the book's challenges.
  • Imagination: Inspiring creativity and storytelling as children immerse themselves in the magical world of dragons and knights.

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About the Author:
Jason Hook is a children's author known for creating engaging and interactive books that spark curiosity and adventure in young readers. His works often combine storytelling with puzzles and visual challenges to create memorable reading experiences.

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